On Happiness

Perhaps it's not a coincidence that the times I've felt happiest at work were times when I was in a state of flow which is the state of being fully engaged in a

Goals Aren't the Only Way

> We assume that any worthy social accomplishment is best achieved by first setting it as an objective and then pursuing it together with conviction. It makes you wonder, is there such a thing

How to Recognize Hidden Opportunities

In a previous essay I wrote about the three elements that comprise serendipity: 1. Curious Tinkering, (the pursuit of ideas you find intrinsically interesting) 2. Casual Collisions (sharing your ideas with others in

How did you Change your Accent?

It happened again. “Wait! You weren’t born here? How come you have no accent?” “I actively worked to fix my accent” “How? How did you fix your accent?” I was so proud