[Cognitive Musings #1] - Monthly-ish Update

[Cognitive Musings #1] - Monthly-ish Update

Hello friends, colleagues and followers and welcome to the very first edition of my "digital postcard" called Cognitive Musings.

You might have signed up for this on my on Substack or you're a freind/collegaue and we've worked together.

If you didn't expect this email from me, that's ok. Feel free to unsubscribe. Honestly, I won't mind. The link is at the bottom.

If you wouldn't mind the occasional update email from me, then welcome. I'm glad you decided to stay.

I wanted to create a space for my friends, colleagues and people interested in my writing to communicate with me directly, so I can send you occasional updates on what I'm up to and what I've been writing and thinking about.

Just reply to this email, and I'll make sure to read it.

I'll keep this very brief.

Personal Update

As some of you may know, I started a new job as a Technical Product Manager working on the data platform at EverQuote (EQ). It's an online insurance marketplace that matches people looking to buy insurance with agents. I'll be helping them transition their data platform to Snowflake. I'm super excited to move into the Product Management space.

I also recently moved my blog to Ghost Pro, a platform that allows me to also manage memberships and send emails. I was using Publii on my old site, which is a tool I heartily recommend if you're just getting started with a blog.

New Writing

I still haven't settled on a theme for my writing so for now it'll remain kind of random. I posted a new article today: https://www.ergestx.com/words-that-change-minds/

That's it for this one!

Take care and I'll talk to you soon.